Every year your child gets more
independent. Do you?

Are you getting the help you need to find freedom as your child grows?

Hemophilia challenges everybody in unique ways. For both you and your child to become independent together, it takes solutions that are tailored to your needs. PASSPORT FOR LIFE customizes solutions for you and is just one click away!

PASSPORT FOR LIFE is a free 6-month hemophilia support program that truly understands the challenges you face. You will receive education about infusions, tips and tools for health and lifestyle management, and information about other important topics.

Your PASSPORT FOR LIFE is waiting!

For more information go to www.passportforlife.com

How does PASSPORT FOR LIFE customize its strategies to my needs?
Because the questionnaire has been designed to explore so many facets of your life and needs, the strategies you will receive over the next 6 months will be focused on only those areas that are relevant to your age/life stage and the specifics of your life with hemophilia, such as your treatment regimen, complications, and current exercise routine.
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As part of Baxter's commitment to improving the lives of caregivers and families of people living with hemophilia, we partnered with HealthMedia to create PASSPORT FOR LIFE. We are excited to bring you this program because HealthMedia is considered to be the "best in class" company for building and delivering one-on-one strategies—using behavioral science—to meet unique, individual health needs. Visit www.passportforlife.com to learn more.
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How will my information be used?
As you would expect, the information you provide is confidential and will only be used to develop your personal strategies. HealthMedia and Baxter are committed to protecting your personal information, and we want to assure you that your information will only be used in the ways for which you gave us permission.
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